Teruhiko became acquainted Kiyotaka shortly after getting groupmates during the summer unique attempt on Speranza

Teruhiko became acquainted Kiyotaka shortly after getting groupmates during the summer unique attempt on Speranza

Teruhiko is actually briefly found in the new emergency shot, in which the guy berated the girls heavily employing more than reliance into the points given to him or her. Kiyotaka accepted his readiness about success try due to the fact he was ready to deal with a systematic address, especially when Kanji had voice reasoning for making it possible for girls an effective right toilet.

He had the initial feeling one to Kiyotaka and Kei were airheaded because they seemed like they did not understand tips provided by Mashima Tomoya, one of several planners of your own test. In the long run, he softly explained to them an entire details of the condition.

No matter if he leftover offering sharp commentary, in frequency 6 of one’s white books, his connection with him changed into a more familiar setting. He could be most next to Kiyotaka therefore the members of the latest Ayanokoji Category, where he could be discovered to be significantly more open which have Kiyotaka because the really just like the almost every other members of the group. They both are also with the a first-label foundation together.

Within the Volume 7, their closeness is actually emphasized when he candidly remarked that Kiyotaka has actually zero idea that have women since his women nearest and dearest transform and differ sometimes. Following this, it strung out towards group to talk about C-Group, Xmas or any other one thing.

Inside the frequency dos 2nd ages, when Kiyotaka revealed one of his true feature, Keisei is one of angered of all students within the category 2-D. The guy even thought that Kiyotaka cheated even though the newest examination just weren’t you’ll be able to to locate one hundred score, in addition to undeniable fact that few other youngsters except Kiyotaka gets a great finest get. Even if Horikita informed me the challenge to your category, Keisei found it unbelievable along with planned to exit the fresh new Ayanokoji Classification once the he can not faith Kiyotaka more. But, immediately after Airi and you can Haruka intervenes, the guy decided to stand under step 1 standing, and that Kiyotaka need assist him throughout data example. Kiyotaka believes.

Haruka Hasebe

Yet not, Haruka had looking Kiyotaka at the recreations festival inside volume 5, in which she became mesmerized of the their bodily expertise within his race facing Manabu Horikita. She started initially to reveal their broadening need for your by the dangling doing him, going so far as to imagine him their top kid. Although not, her notice may or may not keeps faded once she realized that the woman buddy Airi keeps serious feelings to have Kiyotaka, where she decided to support the girl.

However, she had been smiling and you can held absolutely nothing facing him due to the fact she managed to get obvious he’d all to like someone he fancies, even if their choice performed directly wonder the lady

Inside volume six, she started initially to means a highly intimate reference to him given that really because the most other members of the brand new Ayanokoji Class, a group that has been based by the their and you can dedicated it so you can Kiyotaka. She and provided Kiyotaka the brand new moniker “Kiyo-pon” or “Ayanon” because they seemed cute, hinting one to she preferred flirting your a lot. The two are on a first-term base, and therefore did https://datingranking.net/it/incontri-con-feticismo-del-piede/ actually echo exactly how comfortable they are collectively. Haruka seems to take pleasure in talking a lot with each other Kiyotaka as the better just like the almost every other members of the group. The woman is and a lot more discover that have Kiyotaka additionally the most other players of the category than others on group.

On the Second-Year Frequency 5, the latest the quantity of their friendship is checked out in the special shot. Up until the examination, she acted because the intermediary and you may intermediary getting Airi immediately after Kei shown this lady relationship to Kiyotaka prior to the entire category. She was upbeat one Airi may still provides several other possibility since she proceeded bombarding Kiyotaka which have concerns in regards to their relationships if you’re soothing off Airi as he questioned the lady in order to when you look at the previous quantities.

She after that sighed greatly whenever Kiyotaka indicates that they may enjoys to cosplay as the maids because of their classification enjoy, worrying that the time couldn’t be any terrible because the she can not expect brand new emotional turmoil inside Airi.